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Las Hermosas is a coffee coming from a small group of 40 dedicated and well-organised farmers who are hard-working to maintain high levels of traceability and certified organic coffee green beans. 

They are lucky to have been endowed with pretty much perfect coffee growing lands with the right altitude, sunlight, temperature, and rainfall. They are eager to learn, improve, and differentiate their coffee every time.

You will enjoy the well-balanced mouthfeel of the Sweet Plum, Red Cherry with subtle notes of Bright Lemon and a finish of the Chocolate taste.

  • Coffee: ASOPAP - Whole bean
  • Country: Colombia
  • Region: Tolima
  • Altitude: 1650 - 1900 masl
  • Varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Castillo
  • Treatment: Washed 
  • Brew: Filter or Espresso
  • Weight: 250g
  • Freshly Roasted in Toronto

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Please click here to contact us and we will be happy to answer them. 

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