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Brewing Fundamentals*

Brewing Fundamentals*

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Course Hour: 2 Hours

Course Date & Time email: to book the appointment

Price: $100/person

* Class initiated with a minimum 2 or more attendees only

The Course will be conducted by one of our Q Arabica Grader (certified by CQI) and Brewing & Sensory professionals (certified by SCA).

This class is the foundation for coffee brewing and is essential for any newcomer to the coffee industry.  Coffee professionals need to have a strong knowledge of the principles governing optimum brewing methods.  This class provides this critical instruction and practice and continues to explore the six essential elements of coffee brewing through manual brewing methods.

Learners will get their hands-on time with the equipment.

  • Identify the four primary sensory aspects of brewed coffee.
  • List and explain the six essential elements of brewing.
  • Identify the three main stages of the brewing process.
  • Discuss how the coffee extraction process works in these brewing methods: Full Immersion, Pour Over, and Vacuum, Hybrid.
  • Discuss and practice brewing devices within each brewing method.
  • The student will have 1 coffee bag to take home


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