Our Story

It all started with dreams and ... Lots of cups of coffee !!!

Who and why?

The story starts with three friends of different mixed Asian background living different paths until they move and meet in Toronto.

We develop and share a common sense of Culinary Art for high quality flavors in dishes and drinks. So it was obvious that we naturally fell in love with the third wave coffee culture in the city.
Becoming addicted to brew an excellent cup of coffee in their daily life, we began to want to share our passion with their family and friends first.

But one thing was MISSING...

After many travels to Asia and having had the chance to visit many farms, we were amazed to discover new flavors with Asian coffee.

The flavors and the texture of the coffee cup can be more complex and subtle too compared to what we used to drink in North America or in Europe.

Because it was so surprising how high-quality green coffee beans are in Asia, we wanted to share this experience by helping it to be more accessible to everyone.

A dream was born: Green coffee beans from South east Asia will be introduced to North America among other green coffee beans and it's how Hexagon Coffee Inc was established in 2019

Our Mission

Visiting all these farms on the different continents gave us the opportunity to be close with theses passionate farmers. And together, we are committed to bringing the best selection of high-grade beans to Canada.

But bringing high-quality green beans coffee is not enough for us, we want to do more that's why we also roast our coffee and be able to bring the best coffee flavors to your cup.

Meet the Co-Founders


Our statement

Bring HIGH-QUALITY GREEN BEAN COFFEE in DIRECT or FAIR TRADE with local farmers helping them establish an appropriate and recurring inflow that helps them, their families and their community.

Provide MORE CHOICES and DIVERSITY in our coffee selection, especially from ASIA.

ROAST with LOVE in Ontario so our customers will have a beautiful experience with fresh, full of flavors and unique profile in their cup of coffee at home.

Be a part of the change with us.

Get your everyday coffee !!!

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