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Cupping Tasting Workshop* 2h30

Cupping Tasting Workshop* 2h30

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Course Duration: 2h30

Course Location: Unit 16-145 Royal Crest Crt, Markham, ON, Canada, L3R 9Z4

Price: $65/person (minimum 3 pers. / maximum 6 pers. per cupping session).

The Cupping Tasting workshop will be conducted by Chanthaly, one of our Q Arabica & Robusta Graders (certified by CQI), Brewing & Sensory professionals (certified by SCA) and National Canada Barista & Brewing sensory judge. 

Saturday session Cupping Tasting Workshop: Beginner 

This fun workshop will allow you to try different coffee and understand how the Specialty coffee industry evaluates coffee.  

Beginner participants will be introduced to the SCA protocol and etiquette during the one flight of coffee*. To assess coffee quality, you will also discover the basic vocabulary from the Coffee flavour wheel.

  • 30 min of cupping introduction and rules
  • 15 min QA
  • 60 min cupping session 
  • 45 min exchange discussion - calibration

Sunday session Cupping Tasting Workshop: Advanced cupper

This workshop session on Sunday will allow advanced cuppers to get a fun calibration to practice or remind them of SCA or Q cupping protocols. 

During this one-flight coffee table, the SCA cupping form will be provided to the participants for practice. 

  • 15 min Q cupping and rule introduction
  • 1h cupping session (with timer)
  • 45 min exchange and calibration - SCA cupping form assessment possible
  • 30 min QA

*one flight coffee = 6 different coffees 

If you need more details regarding the session please email or by IG message.

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