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Valle Del Cauca - 200g

Valle Del Cauca - 200g

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Tasting Notes: 

Peach - Lychee - Passion fruit - Honey - Apricot 


  • Country:  Colombia
  • Region:  Valle Del Cauca
  • Altitude: 1900m
  • Producer: Wilton Benitez -Granja Paraiso 92
  • Varietal:  Caturra - Silver Micro Lot
  • Treatment: Anaerobic Double Fermentation
  • Coffee: Whole beans
  • Weight: 100g or 200g
  • Brew: Filter 

Cupping Score 89.5


Valle Del Cauca is a coffee coming from Wilton Benitez's farm, Granja Paraiso 92, located in the south of Colombia.

This exceptional coffee is a product of 25 years of experience in the microbiologic process. The use of bioreactors and specific microorganisms to control fermentation, together with the constant monitoring of factors such as temperature, pH, Brix degrees and electrical conductivity, make Granja Paraiso 92 one of the most innovative farms, adding great value and allowing their coffees to stand out.

Wilton Benitez has been producing top-quality coffee for more than 2 decades and this coffee is a real explosion of flavours. 

You will enjoy the sweet-balanced mouthfeel of the Peach, Lychee, and Passion fruit with subtle notes and a finish of the Honey and Apricot green tea taste.


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Customer Reviews

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Very fruity and sweet coffee

This coffee is amazing. It's so sweet with stone fruit flavors notes. And when it's cool down you can taste more and more the peach flavor and the sweetness. It's my favourite so far.


I got this coffee as a gift from my friend and I just love it.
I love fruity and tasty coffee and I enjoy this one. I like the packaging too, very pretty.


Got this coffee at a small local market and fell in love! The aroma of passion fruit is amazing as well as the first taste. It is complex and delicious, absolutely no need for any sweetener or milk, it is divine as is.