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Chiang Mai - 100g/250g

Chiang Mai - 100g/250g

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Tasting Notes: 

Dried Mango - Raspberry - Prune - Raisin


  • Country: Thailand
  • Region: Chiang Mai
  • Altitude: 1100 - 1500 MASL
  • Varietal: Catimor
  • Treatment: Natural
  • Coffee: Whole beans - Organic
  • Weight: 100g or 250g
  • Brew: Filter 

Cupping Score 85


Our new coffee Chiang Mai is an organic micro-lot coffee from the Ban Mae Ton Luang region, located 590 km North of Bangkok.
Mr Wanlop (aka Mr One), the owner of the coffee farm is very proud of his plantation that he wants to preserve a jungle-like environment. All the process steps are manual and powered by a natural water wheel.

Concerned about global warming, he is convinced that his effort on organic food will be part of the solution to help our globe.
Sharing the same vision, we wanted to give you the opportunity to taste this amazing coffee that we love so much.

You will be pleased by the pleasant balance of the sweet Dried Mango, Raspberry, Prune flavours note finished by the Raisin linger taste.


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