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Mt Yoma - 250g

Mt Yoma - 250g

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Tasting Notes: 

Yellow Plum - Grape - Dark Chocolate Caramel


  • Country:  Myanmar
  • Region:  Mandalay
  • Altitude: 3,500 - 5,500 ft
  • Varietal:  Bourbon & Typica
  • Treatment: Fully Washed 
  • Coffee: Whole beans
  • Weight: 250g
  • Brew: Espresso or Filter 

Cupping Score 85


Mt Yoma is a micro-lot coffee from the Mandalay region in Myanmar (at the elevation of 3500 to 5500 ft).

Adapting by using the natural way of plantation with natural fertilizer, and natural red soil plateaus, all coffee in the Mandalay region is produced by organic farming.

It is amazing on the nose and flavours with Yellow Plum, Grape, Dark Chocolate and Caramel

This coffee will surprise you with its very clean and smooth sweet natural aftertaste with a vibrant hint of acidity.


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