Asia Coffee Box
Asia Coffee Box
Asia Coffee Box
Asia Coffee Box
Asia Coffee Box
Asia Coffee Box

Asia Coffee Box

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Discover this coffee box celebrating coffee from Asia!

The box includes 3 bags of coffee (1 bag of 250g of coffee from each origin: Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar) and a retro espresso cup in a nice white gift box.

Get our Asia Coffee Box for only $60 (the total value of the box is $72) and experience which one amaze you the most.

It's a perfect gift for a coffee lover friend or for yourself!

Details of the coffees and the box:

** Mt Yoma Coffee (250g of whole beans) is a micro-lot coffee from the Mandalay region in Myanmar (at the elevation of 3500 to 5500 ft).

Adapting by using the natural way of plantation with natural fertilizer, and natural red soil plateaus, all coffee in the Mandalay region are produced by organic farming.

It is amazing on the nose and flavours with Yellow PlumGrapeDark Chocolate and Caramel

** Chiang Mai (250g of whole beans) is an organic micro-lot coffee from Ban Mae Ton Luang region, located 590 km North of Bangkok.
Mr Wanlop (aka Mr One), owner of the coffee farm, is very proud of his plantation that all the process steps are manual and powered by a natural water wheel.
Concerned about global warming, he is convinced that his effort on organic food will be part of the solution to help our globe.

You will be pleased by the pleasant balance of the sweet Dried MangoRaspberryPrune flavours note finishing by the Raisin linger taste.

** Gayo Lues coffee (250g of whole beans) comes from the Aceh region of Indonesia, known for its unique flavour variations of beans like dark chocolate and spicy salak fruit. Each variety of coffee beans has a distinctive taste as it is influenced by the region where the coffee is grown. 

You will enjoy the well-balanced mouthfeel of the Sweet BourbonVanilla with subtle notes of Blackcurrant and a finish of the Red Grape taste.

** Espresso retro cup (value $6) - Please note that the espresso cup colour will be random in the gift box. 

** Gift box (value $5) 

Do you have questions about our coffee or any other inquiry?

Please click here to contact us and we will be happy to answer them. 

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